Andrew Basin

A 2022 graduate of James Madison High School and a 2018 graduate of <HelloWorld/>, Andrew is an undergraduate aerospace engineering student at Georgia Tech. Andrew has been a teaching assistant at <HelloWorld/> for over five years, teaching computer science to students at all levels of the curriculum, and continues to TA for <HelloWorld/> online from Atlanta.

In addition to teaching at <HelloWorld/>, Andrew served as a volunteer math tutor for Fairfax County Public Schools for over seven years, helping students with everything from 7th grade pre-algebra to Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra.Andrew also has extensive computer science instructional experience as Head of Programming and President of Madison High School’s FIRST Robotics Competition team, which he led to the 2022 FIRST Robotics World Championship in Houston. Andrew has worked as a software development intern at RPG Squarefoot Solutions, a state and federal contractor, and is currently an undergraduate researcher in satellite flight software in Georgia Tech's Space Systems Design Lab.

At <HelloWorld/>, Andrew assists the lead instructor with explaining class material, running labs, and answering students' questions. Andrew also offers private coding lessons to students.


Natalie Basin

Natalie is a student at James Madison High School, where she is excited to be taking AP Computer Science A. Natalie is also a proud 2021 <HelloWorld/> graduate who is entering her second year as TA with <HelloWorld/>. In that capacity, she assists students with lab work and answers questions.

Outside of coding, Natalie's interests include creating pen and ink drawings, writing short stories, and advocating for social causes. Natalie hopes to pursue a degree in history in college, where her coding background is sure to give her an edge with any analysis of historical data! With her deep-rooted love for the humanities, Natalie is the living implementation of <HelloWorld/>'s motto: "Some think coding skills are vocational. We believe they're foundational."